About Us

How does one get into the Fragrance / Odor Control Business?


We Saw A Need


Alliance Supply started as a Janitorial-Sanitary Supply Company.

Before Supplying Products we did

Janitorial Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Floor Maintenance and

Construction Cleaning.

we kept hearing from our customers the same thing.....


“Do you have any air fresheners - that work - for our property,?” “We have tried everything.”


“Do you have anything - that works - for the Odor Problem in our Trash Rooms and Dumpsters?”

Nothing we have tried is working.”


We knew we had the necessary experience

and insight to develop

“Air Scentsations & Smell No More”

our line of

Fragrance and Odor Control Equipment and Programs


The process began…. and took several years of extensive

researching, testing, re-testing, designing and re-designing.


Our goal is to bring our customers a quality

dependable, trustworthy product that we are proud to stand

behind. We offer our unique, Fragrances,

Dependable, Programmable Diffusers and

Developed Systems for your Home and Business.


Fragrance Oils and Diffusers for….

office buildings, apartment buildings, entertainment complexes,

schools, condominiums, malls, churches, retail stores, restaurants,

hotels & resorts, theme parks, homes and more.


Odor Control Products and Diffusers for….

Dumpsters, Trash Rooms, Doggy Areas, Trash Cans, Restrooms and more. 


We promise……..