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About Us

We like Keeping It Fresh! And we also like to Exceed our Customers’ Expectations – with both our products and our service.

We pride ourselves on offering products that work much better than other products on the market. So we developed our own line of Odor Removers and Fragrance Oils. Before bringing any of our products to market, we thoroughly test them for months at our commercial customers’ facilities and in our own home.

We developed our Odor Remover product line to be able to Permanently Remove any foul odor from any Surface and the Air. Most of today’s odor removal products only temporarily remove odors and they work on either surfaces or in the air – not both.

We created our Fragrance Oil line to be used in the largest fragrancing applications such as Hotel Lobbies and Casinos. Our Fragrance Oils are also a commercial quality choice Homeowners and Consumers can use in their aromatherapy diffusers.

We are Customer Centric and strive to develop long relationships with our Customers. We are a Family Business and hope you enjoy our products as much as we do!