The Things That Make Us Happy

The Things That Make Us Happy

Posted by Marty Sweet on Mar 26th 2019

We all have those special things in our life that make us happy. When we walk in our front door, what welcomes you home? When you are working, do you have special things surrounding you that are, well, YOU? We each have these certain US surroundings we have picked that make us happy. Our view, certain comfort food, specific music and the smell that greets us.

One thing that has always been important for me is SMELL. I guess that is why we are in the SMELL business.I have

always had a nose that will not quit. I can smell something before it happens. I can always pick up on something,

even in a restaurant that is not right. Often in a public restroom, I have wished I had brought product to kick it in 

shape right then and there. It would really spoil our date night though. Have you ever wanted to do that? On the other

hand, have you ever walked into a hotel lobby and were greeted with beautiful welcoming furnishings and a 

Fragrance that by the end of the weekend, you wanted to take it home with you? That is what I am talking about.

I hope when someone walks through my front door, they are greeted with warm welcoming tones, nature colors 

coming through the screen porch from the yard, the things in my life that are ME, soft music, and a fine smell of 

"Rolling in Clover".