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Where can I use Odor Eraser Products?

Anywhere there is an odor you don't want. On Furniture, Drapes, Clothes, Pet Bedding, Carpeting, Trash Cans and Dumpsters, in the Air, in the Bathroom and many, many other applications. 

Are Odor Eraser Products Safe?

Yes, they are safe for use around humans and pets.

What Makes Odor Eraser Products Different than Competing Products?

Odor Eraser Products chemically combine with Odor Molecules to permanently change them into non-odor molecules. Competing products temporarily encapsulate or combine with the odor molecules allowing the odor to return after a period of time. Also, Odor Eraser Products work on both Surfaces and in the Air – competing products only work on either surface or in the air, not both.

Where can I use Fragrance It Fragrance Oils?

In virtually any diffuser. They can be used in Commercial HVAC Diffusers, any Cold Air Diffusion Equipment, Home Aromatherapy Diffusers, Reed Diffusers and so many others. 

Are Fragrance It Fragrance Oils safe?

Yes, they are safe for use around humans and pets.

What Makes Fragrance It Fragrance Oils Different than Competing Products?

Fragrance It Fragrance Oils are Commercial Grade Fragrance Oils. They are 100% Concentrate. So they can be used with great results in a wide variety of Aromatherapy Diffusers – from Commercial HVAC Diffusers to Homeowner Personal Diffusers.