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Can I Fragrance only one room?

Air Scentsations has Diffusers that can be hung on the wall or set on a table,

counter top or on the floor.

Fragrancing particular areas is called Zonal Fragrancing.

Yes, you can Fragrance a specific area or room. Home or Business!


Where should I place my diffuser?

Air flow is an important factor to be looked at when placing a diffuser.

Your space is unique in every way, even your air flow. You will have to experiment with placement

in the beginning to achieve your goal. Placement, settings and air flow are factors you will be considering.


Can I buy a Diffuser that goes through the HVAC for my home?

Absolutely you can. The installation is very easy. You will need an electrical outlet in the area for the diffuser, that is close to your A/C unit.

Air Scentsations believes our method of Fragrance delivery, is the most direct, efficient method of Fragrancing. Your Fragrance is introduced into the duct work to be carried by the HVAC and a fan in the diffusing unit. The Fragrance, in Air Scentsations systems, does not go through the filter, HVAC motor or electrical unit.


Why would I purchase your diffusers?

Our diffusers have been tested for quality, performance and reliability in our lab settings and in the field.

Our goal is to bring a product to you that has been performing to very high reliability and performance standards. All of Air Scentsations products we recommend to you from tried and true personal experience.


How often do I need to fill my oil?

That will depend on how often it is running and the settings that you choose from.

It also is your option to change your Fragrance whenever you feel like it.

Air Scentsations has a Fragrance for every mood! You can, Create Your Mood…Change Your Mood

Our diffusers are easily and completely programmable. Believe me, If I can do it, anyone can do it.


How will I know what size Diffuser to purchase?

To begin, look at the square footage of the area you are trying to Fragrance.

Are you trying to Fragrance an entry/lobby/ waiting room at your place of business?

Hallways in your Condo?

Your whole home?

We are here for you!


How will I know what to set the Diffuser on?

It is really based on what effect you are trying to achieve.

We do however always recommend starting out on low settings in the beginning

and increasing as needed to achieve the exact level of Fragrance. Remember, everyone is unique. That is the beauty of Air Scentsations diffusers….easily programmable to your Uniqueness!


How would you compare an air fragrance aerosol system to an oil diffuser?

The molecule of the aerosol is much larger so it will drop to the floor very quickly….whereas our oil diffuses in a fine dry mist that will float in the air for hours, delivering the Fragrance in a much more consistent, effective way.


What makes our oils better?

You place our oils in the diffuser just as you receive them…no mixing with water or placing drops in water or small containers that can spill.

Our scents are original creations that have been tested and proven to deliver your very own hand picked fragrance.


What is Smell No More?

Smell No More is a unique formulation we developed to counteract extreme odors found in Dumpsters, Dumpster Rooms, Trash Rooms, Chutes, Trash Cans, Pet Relief Areas, Rest Rooms, Smoking Areas.

Smell No More is a must have product to use daily throughout the property.

Any areas with strong objectionable odors, leaving the area with a long lasting enjoyable, pleasant and clean smell.


Why would I use Smell No More?

First, because it works.

We Saw a Need in areas with a large amount of garbage and active Pet Relief Area.

Apartment Buildings, Condo’s, Shopping Centers, Grocery Stores, Schools, Office Buildings, Rest Rooms.

People are asking what to use in these situations.

I cannot imagine a property that would not need this Odor Eliminator Foam and Foamer portable, effective odor eliminator product for their property


How do you apply Smell No More?

Smell No More is applied to the problem area with our pump up foamer. Foam will sit on a problem area longer than any liquid and eliminating the foul odor.  Getting right to the problem, dwelling until it dissipates to liquid, leaving the area with a long lasting enjoyable, pleasant and clean smell. No rinsing. Our Pump Up Foamers are of the best quality and will outlast other Pump Up Foamers on the market.

SIMPLE directions with no measuring. 


Can I order just the Smell No More?

Once you have your Pump Up Foamer, YES, you can just order the Smell No More Odor

 Eliminator Refill


Ready to Go!


What is Cleanerizer?

Cleanerizer is a specially designed Industrial Enzamatic Cleaner and Degreaser.

Cleanerizer’s Industrial Strength Enzymes Devour Organic Odor Producing Substances such as

Grease, Oil, Bacteria & their byproducts.


Where would I use Cleanerizer?

It is formulated to Clean, Degrease and Deodorize surfaces such as Dumpsters, Trash Chutes,

Doggy Areas, Trash Cans and Rest Rooms.

Cleanerizer is a must have product to be used throughout the property to periodically clean these problem odor areas in conjunction with Smell No More.


How do I apply Cleanerizer?

Cleanerizer is applied to the problem area with our pump up foamer.

Foam will sit on a problem area longer than any liquid and work to eliminating the foul odor.  Getting right to the problem, dwelling until it dissipates to liquid, leaving the area Clean, Degreased and Deodorized.

Works when wet, then rinse.